Gigs in Brighton

All the bands and artists playing Brighton you need to know about at a glance. All concerts in Brighton are listed, thanks to our partners at Songkick. For a playlist of all upcoming bands and artists we recommend the Gigs in Brighton page on Gigs In My City.

Today - Saturday 2nd Aug

Tomorrow - Sunday 3rd Aug

Tuesday 5th Aug

Wednesday 6th Aug

Thursday 7th Aug

Friday 8th Aug

Saturday 9th Aug

Tuesday 23rd Sep

Wednesday 24th Sep

Thursday 25th Sep

Friday 26th Sep

Saturday 27th Sep

Wednesday 1st Oct

Saturday 4th Oct

Sunday 5th Oct

Thursday 9th Oct

Friday 10th Oct

Wednesday 22nd Oct

Tuesday 28th Oct

Sunday 9th Nov

Tuesday 9th Dec

Friday 12th Dec