Brighton Festival

The Brighton Festival programme has been launched, full of events selected with the help of this years Guest Director, world renowned children’s poet  and Michel Roux lookalike Michael Rosen. The festival also coincides with the now enormous Brighton Fringe and The Great Escape to create a mammoth month of live events for Brighton in May.

Our free highlights of this years festival

Under the shadow of the drone - at any point during the month of May a drone could pass above our heads, thanks to artist James Bridle. Luckily, this drone won’t destroy us, its actually a political art installation. Nearer the time, more details will be announced on the official site. “…continues the long tradition of artists bearing witness to events that governments and the military would prefer we did not see.”

Hetrotopias and other domestic landscapes - the Regency Townhouse is to be filled with indoor landscapes and sculptures “…we travel with it from the dark emptiness of deep sea space in the basement to sun-filled images on the first floor. And in the process, the outside is brought inside, both physically and metaphorically.”

Audible Forces – Brighton gets its very own Sound Garden down on Sackville Gardens Beach (wherever that may be!), as Audible Forces gets its world premiere. “‘Max Eastley has the knowledge and artistry to alert us to the fearsome, glorious, delicate constellation of sounds that make listening incredible” The Guardian